Samsung Galaxy S7 For Dummies

Samsung Galaxy S7 For Dummies
Автор: Bill Hughes
Дата написания:
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited
ISBN: 9781119279976
Цена: 1528.02 Руб.
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Your fun and accessible user's guide to the Samsung Galaxy S 7 Technology alone can be intimidating, and the printed documentation and online support that come with a new smartphone can be just as baffling. Thankfully, Samsung Galaxy S 7 For Dummies is here to give you easy-to-follow guidance on all the features and capabilities of this exciting new device. From set up and configuration to texting, emailing, and accessing the Internet, it leaves no stone unturned! Samsung dominates the global smartphone market and users swear that once you go with the Galaxy S, you never turn back. From the most useful features to the core applications to the techniques to get the most out of the device, this book makes getting to grips with your Samsung Galaxy S7 a snap! Whether you're upgrading from an older model and need new feature details, switching over from another Android or Apple device, or finally trading in that antiquated flip phone, you're about to discover just how fast and easy it is to get up and running on your new smartphone. Maximize camera and video capabilities Stay active with social media Download apps and sync with a PC Expand your phone's potential with new software releases This is the handy reference you'll want to keep close by as you learn to get the most out of your Galaxy S 7 smartphone!

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